DN Handcrafted

The Wall

This page contains a digital sticker wall that represents physical stickers that other makers have given to me! For each sticker here, I have a physical sticker to go along with it.

Now that I have this digital sticker wall, I need to locate the other maker’s stickers I’ve picked up over the past few years and get them loaded onto the wall! If you gave me a sticker at WIA or Skiatook Adventure, just give me time to get it up onto the wall.

The Makers

The following makers are represented above on the wall:

A Glimpse Inside – YouTube

Crafts With Ellen – Website YouTube

Cryptic WorksWebsite

The Swap

I don’t have stickers yet! I plan to order them soon, so if you send me stickers … please know I can’t send one back until I receive mine. I don’t have a P.O. box, so please zip me an email or ping me on Instagram for my address.


Background photo edited from a photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

Fine Print

I am a strictly family friendly content provider. If the content you produce is decidedly not family friendly, or if your sticker contains swearing, immodesty, or innuendo, I will not put it on my sticker wall or publicize the receipt of the stickers. If in doubt, feel free to ping me on Instagram messenger and check. No hard feelings if it doesn’t work out!