DN Handcrafted

Table à Elastique

About the Project

I built this game for my sister and her family for Christmas 2016. I adapted plans from the Rogue Engineer adding some small details along the way. His plans are a based on a product called Pucket, which is itself based on a French game that dates back to the 1800’s called Table à Elastique.

Tools and Materials

Wood: Walnut, 1/4" plywood
Metal: Brass Rod
Fabric: Canvas
Finish: 4:1 ratio of Mineral Oil and Beeswax (Sourced locally from 3 Bee Farms)
Tools Used: Drill, Table Saw, Drill Press, Bandsaw


The black bungie cords I found at a local hardware store with a blue bead on them. It was easy enough to cut, and I melted the knots a little to keep them from coming out.

The brass rod I used in place of dowel reinforcement is probably my favorite feature of this build. It added strength, but beauty as well.

I made the bag from canvas fabric and jute for the drawstring.

The pucks I drilled partway down in a piece of walnut using a hole saw without the drill bit installed. I then cut them free on the bandsaw, and spent a bit of time sanding them on the belt sander.