DN Handcrafted

Doug Neiner I’m a web developer by day with a passion for making things in the physical world. Most of what I make is primarily out of wood, but I’ll also use paper, cloth or metal depending on the project. I do the bulk of my work in a shed on our small homestead in southwest Iowa.

I’m a busy husband and father, so time in the shop is quite limited. As I have time, I make anything from games and furniture for the family to larger projects like a chicken coop or giant playhouse for my kids.

A Little History

When I was young, my dad would include me in some of his woodworking projects. I remember once when we made a cutting board for my mom. To be honest, all I remember was how many times we wet that board down and sanded off the grain that was raised! I was into computers and technology, and woodworking wasn’t really my thing.

Over five years ago when my family and I moved to Iowa, my wife and I decided to reset all expectations. Previously I was known as “the computer geek” where almost all my time was spent coding for work, coding for fun, or gaming on an Xbox. After our move, I’ve dabbled in cooking, gardening and woodworking. By far, building and crafting with wood has been my favorite hobby though I find making anything from scratch incredibly rewarding.

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